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So who are we at TalkTalk ?


You can check out our pictures and profiles below and you'll see that we all have super happy smiles, and those are the same smiles we'll be bringing to your classrooms. We really do love what we do and try our best to make every one of our courses a memorable and special week where young Slovak and Czech students can enjoy practicing speaking English without worrying about making mistakes. We at TalkTalk are determined to let our students talk talk all week long.


Friendly Fun Teachers


We at TalkTalk understand that students will speak more freely if they are happy, relaxed and feeling confident with our teachers. Because of this we are very careful to select only those teachers that are naturally happy, positive and passionate about helping young people to improve their spoken English. Only by creating exciting and fun based classes can we create the best learning enivironment for everyone. All our teachers are university graduates from the UK and America and possess special TEFL teaching qualifications for teaching English as a second language.  We've been doing this for over 8 years and have taught courses at more than 400 schools so we have had lots and lots of practice !


We decided to establish TalkTalk because through our work as teachers across Europe and Asia, we realised that, although there are many quality English language courses, most concentrate exclusively on written skills and grammar. Important though this is, it is our belief that what students really need is the opportunity to practice speaking and to actually use the language in conversation. 

Guy Cheetham

Founder and English Teacher from Hereford, UK

Guy is the founder and director of TalkTalk. He has a background in law, publishing and education and still loves to teach courses himself as often as possible.

His passion and dedication to helping young people gain confidence in speaking English has ensured that TalkTalk have taught more than 2000 courses  at  over 400  schools.... so far !

Melanie Hockett

English Teacher from California, USA

One of TalkTalk's trained and experienced teachers Melanie is a graduate of The Language House in Prague and also has a degree form the Azusa Pacific University in California. Before entering teaching she worked as a swimming coach and a camp counselor. her teaching style is interactive and she loves to get students involved in discussions and debates.


Torin Liberthon-Brown

English Teacher Washington DC, USA

Hi my name is Torin and I've been a TalkTalk teacher since September 2016. I grew up near Washington D.C. and worked with children in a nursery for 5 years. I got a degree in Business and after working for a year as a manager in retail I decided I like traveling more than staying in one place and left to teach English abroad. 





Ralph Catterson

English Teacher from Lincoln, England.


Ralph has been working with young people for a few years now. He received his degree in Education Studies and Music at Bishop Grosseteste University. After working as an outdoor activity instructor back in the UK Ralph has been teaching English as a foreign language in Europe since August 2017. Ralph’s teaching style is engaging and fun. 


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Rachel Drummond

English Teacher from Michigan , USA

Hi my name is Rachel and I have been a TalkTalk teacher since March 2016. I grew up and attended university in Michigan, but I have always loved to travel and meet new people. After graduating from Western Michigan University, I moved to Prague in January of 2016 and received my TEFL certificate as well as an additional TEFL certificate specifically for working with children. My favorite part about working with kids is having the opportunity to teach English in fun and creative ways. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, photography, and meeting new people from around the world. 

Ryan Cyzman

English Teacher from Kansas, USA

One of TalkTalk's trained and experienced teachers Ryan attended the University of Kansas where he gained a degree in Politics and after working in the voluntary sector he decided to qualify as a teacher. Ryan values helping young people and is passionate about his teaching, students love him and he has worked for TalkTalk at schools all over Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Ryan says his favourite part of working for TalkTalk is seeing the growth of his students throughout the week and taking students from their normal learning environment into an intensive, all-English course which provides the opportunity for them to truly embrace natural English speaking.

Ryan is a big Ice Hockey fan !

Luke Morgan

English Teacher from Leighton Buzzard, England

I'm from the small town of Leighton Buzzard in England, but I studied at the University of Birmingham and have lived in a lot of places since. I spent the last two years teaching in mainland Spain and the Canary Islands so coming to central Europe was quite a shock at first! I've also spent time in Brazil, the USA and China. I joined TalkTalk in September 2016 and love the fact I get to visit a new place every week getting to know the beautiful countries we work in.




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Hannah Armstrong

English Teacher from Northern Ireland

My name is Hannah Armstrong, I'm a Primary teacher from the North Coast of Northern Ireland, and I have been living and teaching with TalkTalk in Slovakia and Czech Republic since January 2016. Prior to this, I taught in Northern Ireland and China, to students aged between  2 - 18 years old. I have found people in Slovakia to be some of the friendliest in the world, and I I enjoy meeting enthusiastic new students every week and encouraging them to become confident and creative using English.


Ryan Hanchera

English Teacher from London, UK

One of TalkTalk's trained and experienced teachers, Ryan was born in England and studied archeology at university. On gaining his degree he worked in the coffee industry before finding work as a snow board instructor in Slovakia. Ryan then trained a a teacher and returned to Slovakia to work for TalkTalk. He is our most experienced teachers and is most happy when working with students in the age range 15-18. Ryan is based in Liptovsky Mikulas.


Matthew Dyas

English Teacher from St Helens, England

After graduating back in 2011 with a degree in Journalism, Matty has been teaching English to students all over the world including Thailand, Spain and Haiti. He’s now teaching English conversation courses with TalkTalk and has become a popular member of the team. He enjoys teaching all ages and his engaging style ensures that the students enjoy their classes and have fun whilst learning. 

Ellie Catterson

English Teacher from Lincoln, England

Ellie is from England and she has 10 years experience working with young people. She is a university graduate with a degree in Education and Music from Bishop Grosseteste University. She also holds an Angloville Premier TEFL scholarship which qualifies her to teach English as a second language. She has lived in different areas of the world and has taught in Thailand, Poland, Australia and the UK. 


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