Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your frequently asked questions about our courses

How do students benefit from an English Conversation Week course?

How many students do I need to run a course?

How old are the students that you teach?

What happens if a student gets sick during the week ?

Can I request particular topics to be covered on the course?

We have booked a course with you, what happens next ?

Can students of different ages be in the same group ?

We are located in a small village. Do you teach courses at schools like ours ?

What types of activities will the students do on the course ?

If you come back to our school to provide a second course, will you provide a new programme of topics?

Can I contact schools you have worked with to talk about the course you provided?

What are the costs associated with organising a TalkTalk course ?

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Maybe this video of our teachers doing what they do best can answer some of your questions!


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