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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your frequently asked questions about our courses

How do students benefit from an English Conversation Week course?

Students learn a lot of grammar at school but they don’t get much speaking practice. Through lots and lots of practice, we provide them with the opportunity to use the knowledge of English they already have, to speak with more confidence and not to worry about making mistakes. Teachers we have worked with say that after one of our courses, many of their students made the critical step from translating words one at a time, to actually thinking in English. So students increase confidence through practice and improve their vocabulary.

How many students do I need to run a course?

The number of students for a course depends on the length of the course you need:

For a 10 hour course we need 13 students in a group and 3 groups. 

For a 15 hour course we need 2 groups with a minimum of 14 students per group.

For a 30 hour course we need a minimum of 16 students and minimum one group.

How old are the students that you teach?

We teach students of ages between 7 and 19 years, though we do recommend that younger students attend the shorter courses.

What happens if a student gets sick during the week ?

No problem, students only pay for the days they attend the course.

Can I request particular topics to be covered on the course?

Yes. We can make sure that our courses are ideal for your student’s needs, whether they are studying for maturita, university, preparing for a vocation, or simply interested in certain things.

We have booked a course with you, what happens next ?

We will contact you and send you a form which asks you to provide us with all the information we require like the name of the school, ages of students, how many students, type of course etc. One week before the start of the course we will email you the names and contact details of your teachers for the week. You will also receive a copy of the course certificate which will be presented to each student on the Friday in the last class. Your TalkTalk teachers will arrive on Monday about 20 minutes before the first class so that you can be introduced to each other and they can be introduced to the students.

Invoicing is done after the completion of the course based on the actual number of students attending the course.

Can students of different ages be in the same group ?

Yes, they can but it is always better if students are of the same or similar age.

We are located in a small village. Do you teach courses at schools like ours ?

Yes we certainly do, many of our schools are located in towns and villages and students at these schools absolutely love our courses. Our teachers are always very excited to teach at these types of schools.

What types of activities will the students do on the course ?

Students on our courses engage in a variety of activities including role-plays, games, debates, quizzes, pronunciation practice, drama and music.

If you come back to our school to provide a second course, will you provide a new programme of topics?

We love returning to schools for a second, third and in many cases fourth and fifth time. We always provide new material for students we have worked with before and it is always wonderful to see how they are progressing with their English.

Can I contact schools you have worked with to talk about the course you provided?

Yes, we are happy to provide contact information for teachers who teach at similar schools to yours.

What are the costs associated with organising a TalkTalk course ?

There are no costs to the school. Student fees are paid by their parents.

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Maybe this video of our teachers doing what they do best can answer some of your questions!

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