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Delivering The Highest Quality Native English Courses At Your School !

One week conversation courses

We are an English language company that provides English conversation courses at schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Last year we taught 319 courses to over 4,000 students at over 150 schools and  this was our 8th year of the growing popularity of our courses.


We employ native English teachers to provide our one week English conversation courses.


  • Our courses are taught at your school in your classes

  • Our teachers focus on providing invaluable speaking practice in English to students

  • Our teachers are friendly fun men and women from the UK and America and are all qualified to teach English as a second language

  • Students that attend our courses become more confident and more enthusiastic about learning English and they also have lots of fun



At TalkTalk recommend either the 10 or 15 hour courses for the younger students because we know that they find it hard to concentrate over longer courses. A full weekly course of 6 classes a day is ideal for boosting confidence.


Prices of our courses vary according to the week you chose for your course. Make sure you ask about this when you make your enquiry.



Maturita Preparation courses


Our Maturita Preparation courses focus on each element of the English maturita whether it's to B1 or B2 level. Our courses provide ideal preparation, improve knowledge and confidence and make success much more likely.


Written Maturita : Our experienced teachers will prepare and test students in line with the Listening, Reading and Grammar elements required for success.


Oral Maturita : Every day your students will be given valuable speaking practice using role plays and discussions.


Our vocational courses have been developed for those students who, along with studying for their maturita, have chosen to focus on a particular vocation.

Many of the schools that we have worked at across Slovakia and the Czech Republic have been providing a vocational base to their curriculum. For e.g. we have worked at schools for those students training to work in the following professions ;


  • Nursing

  • Hotel and restaurant

  • Information technology

  • Electrical & technical 

  • Hairdressing, cosmetic, massage

  • Auto mechanics

  • Graphic design


We have specific courses which reflect the vocabulary which is useful to students studying these vocations


English for Companies

Our courses for companies and their employees can be provided either face to face or in groups, depending on your requirements.


Also they are designed to meet the job specific requirements for different types of business. 

Is English critical to the success of your business? Our training courses are designed to improve the skills, motivation and performance of teams and individuals in the workplace.

Our courses are designed specifically according to client needs, through needs analysis and discussion with you of your intended learning outcomes. Courses usually include general English, but can include technical English, English for specific purposes, and specific skills training such as ;


  • Making presentations

  • Managing meetings

  • Making sales calls

  • Handling customer or supplier enquiries

  • Writing emails

  • Providing quotes

  • Negotiating

  • Plus general rapport building conversation that improves business relationships with those people that are important to your success



English in Nature weeks

At TalkTalk we offer an ideal opportunity to experience beautiful nature whilst practicing English with our team of native teachers.

Our English in Nature weeks are held in the beautiful region of Orava and provide students with a range of activities including canoeing, cycle rides, BBQ evenings around an open fire, English games and quizzes and much much more.




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